About Us

We bring an invaluable and hard won understanding of the natural environments encountered in the Rocky Mountains and the challenges our clients face working with resort towns, the public, home owner associations and other agencies and stakeholders to the design team, making us an integral partner for many who are developing projects in the Western U.S. Often we are consulted by architects and engineers on large land projects at an early stage of the design process because of our skill-set and wealth of tools pertaining to the land to contribute to the site analysis and schematic planning and renderings. We love to work as the owners representative for discerning homeowners and builders faced with large landscape projects. Developing the concept, construction documents obtaining approvals, bidding and organizing a team of contractors, to move forward smartly.


Landscape Architect
Seth is a Registered Landscape Architect, Environmental Planner and Founder and Director of Bockholt, where he oversees the production of all design projects in the studio. His work has been recognized in publications such as Mountain Living, The Western Home Journal and Park City Magazine.


Micah is instrumental in effectively managing the production construction documents and details enabling a smooth process during the construction phase.


Barry’s detail oriented and analytical nature, along with his big picture project management training and experience provide value to any project.


Ben has extensive experience in full service Planning, Grant Acquisition and Client and Community Relations. He has specialized in working with municipalities, to execute master planning and financial packaging assistance.


Landscape Designer
Jared enjoys designing spaces that are functional, appealing and appropriate for the Mountain West. As a Utah native he loves the outdoors and finds inspiration through exploration.