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Blacksmith Park

Rural Community Give-Back Program

A Pro-Bono park Master Plan for a developing rural community. Bockholt worked with the city Mayor and Administrator alongside the community to develop the plan for this traditional style 33 acre city park in Hyrum Utah. Neighboring an elementary school and in the middle of a developing neighborhood, Bockholt worked to meet the needs of the cities Master Plan, making trail connections and to curtail the program to citizen surveys creating a widely accepted design. Bockholt also provided architectural renderings, preliminary cost estimates, and a ‘funding methods and opportunities’ for the project. The Park’s 33 acres boast a substantial turf play area flanked with a central splash pad. Due to both a north and south neighborhood trail connection there are mirroring pavilions, play grounds and restrooms. There is also a 3 acre leash free dog park, baseball diamond, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, and parking. In addition to trail connections outside the park there is an internal jogging trail and bike path with a 4 lap 1 mile circuit. The project is not yet built but in the funding stage.

  • Client:City of Hyrum UT
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    • Community Engagement
    • Hand Drawing
    • Planning
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