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Coe Lake Park

Historic Landscape Preservation and Program Enhancements

The city of Berea was desirous of renovating their much appreciated and used community park surrounding Coe Lake. This man made lake has historical significance as a once operational quarry supplying stone and gravel to the surrounding areas. The current use of the site is haphazard and dangerous. The fishing piers, organic designed trails, and poorly designed amphitheater seating areas were deterring the public from enjoying extended uses of the site. With the proposed enhancements Coe Lake Park will provide enhanced site uses including the following; newly created amphitheater seating with local historic bridge abutment stones, improved pedestrian circulation trails, newly created flag/memorial promenade, newly created amphitheater stage for public events, improved infrastructure (electrical and plumbing) and new pavilions for public enjoyment.The proposed enhancements for this poject are planned to cost roughly $1,000,000. The improvements are planned to be completed over several years (starting in 2015) as monies become available.

  • Client:City of Berea
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    • Grant Writing
    • Hand Drawing
    • Historical Preservation
    • Photoshop
    • Planning
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