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Super Sustainable Site

Bockholt Landscape Architecture has design the exterior spaces for these 7 new homes currently under construction in Park City Utah. The design features several sustainable site solutions such as accessible green roofs, rainwater harvesting system, and solar farms. In addition each entry will have unique signage, and entry alcove with seating. The Backyards feature a spiral staircase linking the green roof and decks to the landscape below which contains fire features and spa’s. Each layout is unique from the rest with material tie ins resulting in a cohesive design of the neighborhood. The Rainwater Harvesting plan involved engineering calculations to facilitate expected runoff from the green roofs and harvests enough water to irrigate the landscape year round. The 2500 gallon cistern is subterranean. All storm water is channeled to the cistern which also contains a emergency evacuator pump to mitigate overflow and flooding during major storm events.