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Le Chalet

A mountain modern castle

The four acre site design for this beautiful contemporary home utilizes an entry pond as a tool to essentially tie the architecture to the site, and its ecology. Unfortunately seasonal changes mean that sometimes plantings aren’t looking their best at all times of the year. Providing a constant aesthetic the pond is called into service to create a dramatic and controlled entry experience year round. Inspired by the French Chateaus and their moats the Le Chalet tames and domesticates the old world rustic to a new mountain contemporary vernacular. Working with Architect Scott Jaffa the overall concept was guided by the desire to “ground” the home to the land by embracing the natural ecology. The design also features extensive patios in the backyard. A long fire pit with built in seating along the axis of the great room with views out to Iron Mountain. An entry bridge over a small stream sets the tone for visitors and separated the entry court from the adjacent road. The program also features a custom spa, rain garden, lawns, green roof and deck, and outdoor bar and kitchen.