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SBWRD Silver Creek Plant

Regional Infrastructure Grounds Design

Bockholt working with the Engineering team at Carollo assisted in the development of the site and prepared the landscape plan for this federally funded water reclamation facility, with the goals of creating a sustainable site that screened the facility from neighboring uses, and allowed for educational opportunities to facility visitors about water issues in the West. The initial concept designs considered a project of 12 acres including several acres of wetland restoration, protection and existing facility screening. The wetland meadow and partial facility screening was postponed for a later date as the neighboring uses are not implemented yet. The total landscape current to the project was cut back to 7 acres. The design includes native screening strategically arranged in a manner that will appear native from afar, through the use of large groupings of plants whose color fits with the existing sage steppe. Up close it becomes apparent that the landscape is organized this is for two reasons firstly to increase efficiency of the installation and maintenance and secondly to not appear fake-but intentional. The improvements are planned to be completed over several years

Collaboration With Carollo Engineers