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Valley Regional Park

Green Infrastructure

Valley Regional Park is located in Taylorsville Utah and is owned and operated by Salt Lake County. While at another firm Barry Bunderson was the Project Engineer and involved in the Irrigation and Grading for this Sports Facility. Barry also provided the storm water management and low impact development solutions for the project improvements and incorporated them into the desired aesthetic quality of the project. Solutions were sensitive to water quality as it related to runoff from the park and a new 2.5 acre parking lot. The 5,250 cubic foot water quality pond was designed to capture 80% of pollutants and filter them through settlement and sorption by vegetation. The pond was designed for sediment accumulation and to drain in 24 hours to mitigate mosquito breeding grounds. Barry designed for the 10 year and 100 year storm events including an 8,550 cubic foot detention pond. This detention pond was molded into the park features so that users of the park would still be able to use the area for other play activities when this type of storm event didn’t occur. The design was approved by Salt Lake County and Taylorsville City. Barry also provided cost estimation for its portion of the project.

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