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Zelienople Streetscape

Urban Renewal

Ben working with a team at EG&G assisted the community in comprehensive updates to their central business district. Proposed master plan enhancements include basic infrastructure, relocation of utilities and preservation of historic architecture/character of the community. One of the economic development goals discussed throughout the planning process was to begin marketing the Zelienople and Harmony business districts together to pool the visitors and generate more patrons for the entire area. For example, visitors of Historic Harmony could also have lunch or dinner at one of Zelienople’s restaurants. Likewise, patrons of Zelienople businesses could quickly access the unique shops or museum in Historic Harmony. One of the ways the Boroughs felt that they could begin to make the business districts appear to be linked was to unify their appearances. The intent is not to change the appearance of buildings because the buildings create the uniqueness that draws visitors to Historic Harmony. However, unifying the streetscapes is a subtle way of linking the two areas. Consequently, the Boroughs intend to create a common streetscape scheme for both main streets to complement and expand upon existing street lighting, benches, and trash receptacles and plantings. The improvements are planned to be completed over several years

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