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Tell us about your needs.

Please give us a brief account of what you are hoping to accomplish with us by completing the questionnaire below. 


Measure for fit.

Following our review of your questionnaire we will schedule a conversation with you. We may also conduct some initial research into the property.

  • At this stage, our research is limited to determining any limitations. We may look at aerial photographs, zoning and HOA guidelines or pull a plat to see any recorded easements or restrictions.

  • After our initial conversation it may be beneficial to meet onsite.  However, that often requires travel  and additional time. This expense will be discussed prior to a site visit.

  • Our initial consultation is primarily to determine whether our team and process is a good fit for you and your needs. Conversations around scope, timelines, stylistic preferences, budget, process and approach are usually best.


Engage us as your Landscape Architect.

Following these preliminaries we will develop and communicate to you a tailored proposal including our proposed scope and fee.

Rules of Engagement



All initial consultations are geared towards demonstrating a basic understanding of the existing site, zoning, jurisdictional guidelines and how they relate to the client’s desires. We conduct research into the conditions of the site and your objectives prior to meeting with you because our intent is to leave the consultation having passed on some valuable knowledge, advice and initial design ideas. Beyond this basic service we can answer any questions about our process and approach to help both parties determine compatibility for the duration of the project; to do this best please answer the following questions.

Rules of Engagement