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Sunny Slopes

Sunny Slopes, A private Residence in Park Meadows, Park City UT

Our purpose is: “To re-imagine the authentic American West”. That is one reason we love this project so much. We think it is one of our success stories in attaining that vision. By looking into the question. Why is there some primal joy gained by gathering around a fire. And then asking ourselves if we can construct an environment built on that symbolism, would it imbue more power into the space? Unequivocally, Yes it does! This home truly has a one of a kind presence... It proudly presents itself with the massing of moonshine yarrow (Achillea filamentosa ‘moonshine’.) Notice the towering steel sculpture behind the address monument. It supports a trellis for climbing hops, greeting visitors with a welcome scent!

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    • Construction Administration
    • Engineering
    • Hand Drawing
    • Irrigation Design
    • Land F/X
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Photoshop
    • Planning
    • Planting Design
    • Working Drawings
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